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The goal of this project is to provide a working and standards based AMF (Action Message Format) reader for the web debugging tool Fiddler.

This project was originally inspired by this AMFParser. I started a own project because I had other ideas (especialy the processing plugins) which were hard to realize with the other solution.
Also I did not want to mess around with the AMF Part itself, so I just used the perfect AMF deserializer from FluorineFx.


There is a headless installer available for the latest release. This installer will copy the .dlls to the Fiddler Inspectors Folder for your current user. (see this tutorial for the exact path).
After starting (or restarting) Fiddler, you have a new sub-tab in the Inspectors tab called "AMF", there you can browse through the AMF request or response data.

Plugin System

Because anyone want to have other outputs for debugging, I implemented a plugin system, which allows you to create a class library containing an implementation of the interface FiddlerAmfParser.OutputProcessing.IOutputProcessorPlugin. There you will have some hooks where you can process the AMFMessage or all AMFBody objects by yourself.


I did not implement a possibility to change any data. Perhaps this will follow, but I cannot promise :)

Project support

If you want to support me and the Fiddler AMF Parser, I'm glad if you donate anything :)


Final informations

I want to thank Fiddler for their great web-debugging tool. Also many thanks goes to FluorineFx for their great AMF serializer and deserializer.

If you have any suggestions or need help by using the Fiddler AMF Parser, feel free to contact me.

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